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George “Jorge” Contreras



Born in San Antonio , raised in Garland, TX, George then rooting himself in Los Angeles in 1989, George or "Jorge", aka DJ/VDJ GEO set the standard on what a multi-cultured, multi genre, professional DJ is. Establishing himself in the late 80’s in Dallas and then in Los Angeles , Jorge has seen many changes in the music industry and has been part of the evolution of what is now a standard in the dj industry. One thing that has been constant in his 30+ years in the entertainment industry is his honesty, integrity, easy going approach and ability to make any event a memorable one that is spoken about for years.

George’s musical journey started in 1984 as a mobile DJ in the Dallas area. DJ’ing mostly for his friends and family, then at a localskating rink during his high school years and weddings and birthday parties.  During this time, George created “Mobile Musik Masters”, formerly known as MMM Entertainment. With his love for music and culture, his business began to evolve and so did the "buzz" about him. With this growth, change was inevitable.

Seeing an opportunity to diversify and grow his company, George moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and continued to carve his niche in the music entertainment business. Working at many well known clubs with well known promoters throughout the Los Angeles area, he began to grow a following. Working with many well known celebrities such as  Riki Rachtman of MTV’s “Headbangers Ball”, Guns & Roses, Metallica, Matthew McConaughey, Shaquile O’Neal, Camila Alves, Steve Harvey, Paul Oakenfold, Jermaine Dupri and many more were a weekly ritual for George.


In the mid 90’s, George saw the need to incorporate production, marketing and graphic design into the company. Hence, the creation of Pure Vibe Entertainment was spawned. With the launch of Pure Vibe in 2005, clients now had a one stop shop for all their entertainment needs. There was no event too small or too “Over The Top” that MMM/Pure Vibe Entertainment could not create.

His reputation, strong work ethic and knowledge of music has continued to give him many new opportunities working on large scale corporate events, working with many high profile celebrities including many exclusive private events, weddings and galas has placed him apart from your standard DJ. This level of service is delivered to all events George DJ's, no matter what size or what function.

George is one of a handful of DJ’s in the world that has been presented with a plaque from the US Navy for his professional service and continued support to the United States Navy. Other accolades include being the entertainment company to the United States troops in Iraq (YES, in Iraq) in 2007 with Jamie Kennedy, Paul Wall and Stu Stone.

The same services offered in Los Angeles to celebrities and corporations are offered here in the DFW area. George continues to travel throughout the US to provide his DJ and entertainment services. George is now relocated back in Dallas , where it all began.

Below is a small list of clients, events and celebrities that VDJ Geo has provided entertainment to. Many DJ's will claim that they have DJ'ed for celebrities when in fact a celebrity was present at the event. George has provided DJ Services to all of these on this list

Celebrities, Athletes, Actors/Actresses & Artists

* Shaquile O’Neal - Various Events at Residence

* Darren Woodson - Wedding

* Kurt Rambis - Birthday Party

* Cedrick Ceballos - Birthday Party)

* Matthew McConaughey - Suprise Birthday Party, Various Events

* Camila Alves - MUXO Launch Party

* Steve Harvey - Various Live Remotes

* Paul Oakenfold - Video Shoot "Starry Eyed Suprise", Wolf Films Wrap Party

* Jermaine Dupri - Award Ceremony "Blue Microphones"

* Egyptian Lover - Various Events, Video Shoot "Freaky Girl"

* Tone Loc - Performance Uptown Dallas

* Coolio - Performance Uptown Dallas

* Three 6 Mafia - Video Shoot for MTV's Blowin' Up

* E 40 - Performance Los Angeles for MTV

* Paul Wall - Performance in Iraq for US Troops

* T Pain - Performance in Los Amgeles for MTV

* Eminem  Pre Concert Performance

* Jamie Kennedy - Performance on MTV's Blowin' Up

* Bob Sagat - Performance on MTV's Blowin' Up

* Rodney O & DJ Joe Cooley - Live Performance World On Wheels


Radio & Media

* Steve Harvey Morning Show - Los Angeles, CA

* Sherry Levitt Foundation (Various Events)

* Los Angeles Lakers (Various Events)

* Los Angeles Clippers (Various Events)

* Los Angeles Kings (Various Events)

* Los Angeles Sparks (Various Events)

* Wolf Films (Launch, Wrap Party)

* Bay Films (Launch, Wrap Party)

* That 70’s Show Wrap Party

* Sex And The City Launch Party

* KIIS FM 102.7 (LA) (Live Remotes)

* KPWR 105.9 (LA) (Live Remotes, Various Events)

* KISS FM 106.1 (DAL) (Various Events)

* 92.3 The Beat (LA) (Live Broadcasts, Remotes and Various Events)

* 100.3 The Beat (LA) (Live Broadcasts, Remotes and Various Events)

* 93.5 KDAY (LA) (School Performance Tour, Live Broadcasts, Remotes and Various Events)


Gallery, Fashion, Hotel, etc..

* AT&T Stadium

* Ranger Stadium

* Stanley Horshak

* Saks Fifth Avenue

* Macy’s

* Bloomingdales

* Guess

* Diesel


* Blackfinn

* Primos

* Gilley’s Dallas

* McKinney Avenue Tavern

* Life In Deep Ellum

* Christie's

* Magnolia Hotel

* The Joule

* The W

* Warwick - Melrose

* Hotel Zaa Zaa

* Omni Dallas

* Omni Forth Worth

* Marie Gabrielle Dallas

* Stonebriar CC  

* The Colonial Golf Tournament

* Perot Museum

* Dallas Museum of Art

* Reunion Tower

* Cendera Center

* Stockyard Station

* Bass Performing Arts

* The Tribute Country Club

* Cowboys Country Club

* Texas Motor Speedway

* Los Angeles Police Dept.

* Los Angeles Highway Patrol

* Ronald Reagan Library

* Frontiers of Flight Museum

* US Navy San Diego , California

* US Navy Dallas

* US Navy Oklahoma

* USS Nimitz

* USS Fitzgerald

* USS Acacia

* USS Samuel Gompers

* USS Callaghan

* US Naval Training Center San Diego , CA

* Tactical Training Group Pacific San Diego , CA

* US Naval Recruiting District Dallas Texas

* California Science Center

* Texas A&M

* University of Southern California (USC)

* University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

* University of California Irvine

* University of Texas El Paso (UTEP)

* University of Texas Austin

* Allen High School

* Byron Nelson High School

* Saugus High School

* Flower Mound High School

* Episcopal School Of Dallas

* Trinity Christian Academy

* Killian Middle School  

* Garland High School

* Tom Bean High School

* The Colony High School

* Brandenburg Middle School

* Briarhill Middle School

* Forestwood Middle School

* Club Hill Elementary

* Coca Cola Los Angeles

* Chik-Fil-A

* Chili’s

* TGIF  

* Woodshed BBQ


* Home Depot

* Preffered Freezer

* Bethel Ranch

* Peach Creek Ranch - College Station

* Hidden Creek - Rockwall

* Divine Grace - McKinney

* Heritage Ranch

* Ritz Carlton - Dallas

* Chjimes - Dallas

* Cloud 9 Reunion Tower - Dallas

* Empire Room - Dallas

* Noah’s

* Eventbrite

* Lofty Spaces

* Thirdspace

* Marc Events

* The Edison

And many more…